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The Process to Freedom

Step 1

Apply for your provisional driving licence

Step 2

Book and pass Theory & Hazard Perception. You can also do your driving lessons along side.

Step 3

Book a practical driving test either through us or with the DVLA

Step 4

Pass your driving test and enjoy your freedom on the road.

Hazard Perception & Theory

Theory - Is a multiple choice exam you will have 57 minutes to complete 50 questions you must score at least 43/50 to pass.

Hazard Perception - You will be shown 14 short videos, each clip will have a developing hazard in which you must identify in time. The sooner you identify the hazard the more points you will score (Maximum points 5). One clip will have two developing hazards in it. You must score 44/75 to pass.

You must pass both the Theory & Hazard Perception to pass the exam.

Practical Test

The practical driving test is to test your ability behind the wheel. It will last no less then 30 minutes usually around 40 minutes. Within that time you will be tested on your general drive, one manoeuvre, show & tell me question and the possibility of an emergency stop. You may also be required to follow a sat nav or road signs to a destination.




Reverse Bay (Left or Right)


Forward Bay (Left or Right)


Parallel Park


Pulling up on the right & reverse back 2 cars

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