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Quality and Perfection matters when teaching a skill for life

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Our Journey

High Grade Driving School has a rich history dating back to the 1960s when it was originally established by my late Uncle, a highly esteemed and top-graded instructor. His dedication and exceptional teaching skills made High Grade Driving School a highly recommended institution. However, when he retired in the late 1980s, the school closed its doors as there was no one to carry on the legacy. Tragically, a few years after his retirement, my uncle passed away, and the memory of High Grade slowly faded into obscurity.


In 1999, I embarked on my own journey by enrolling in training with BSM, eventually joining the AA Driving School upon qualification. Drawing over my 25 years of experience as a top-graded instructor, I made the decision to breathe new life into High Grade Driving School, resurrecting its esteemed reputation. Today, High Grade Driving School stands as a testament to excellence, once again highly recommended by those who have benefited from its top-tier instruction.


This is the story of how High Grade Driving School rose from the past to reclaim its status as a premier institution. Feel free to continue scrolling to learn more about High Grade and the locations we cover.

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